John Richmond is a brand which was founded in Great Britain. Designed created under the name of the designer, are a mix of the spirit of London, Parisian chic, and an excellent quality straight from Milan. A philosophy based on street culture and rock and punk music traditionally repeats among the brand’s propositions, that is why there is black in designs, and the brand’s classic patterns do not lack a bit of craziness. Models are decorated with elements characteristic of the designer’s style: studs, rivets, chains, zippers, and decorative stones. The designs are spiced up with big writings with the name of the brand and all-over logo motifs. Inspirations for the prints are taken from rock bands and gothic calligraphy. In the Spring/Summer 2023 season’s collection, the brand offers, among others, T-shirts, blouses, sweatshirts, pants, jeans, but also jackets, and swimming shorts. SS22 propositions also include various types of accessories such as belts, sachets, reporter bags, and backpacks.